Las Coloradas – see everything in pink!

Las Coloradas is located within the Biosphere Reserve of Rio Lagartos and lies around 3 hours north west of Playa del Carmen. Rio Lagartos is since 1979 a protected area due to its rich and diverse nature. It stretches over 60’000 acres and has 70 miles of canals.

Las Coloradas is a fisherman’s village whose inhabitants live from fishing and the salt industry.

Las Coloradas got famous for its pink lagoons. The lagoons get its pink color due the concentration of salt and microorganism inside of the water. Furthermore, the area counts with an incredibly diverse flora and fauna. Along the canals stretches a mangrove forest. A huge variety of birds can be observed, to which count the flamingo, pelican and different herons. Additionally, the area is home to various mammals and fish, to which count the coatis, racoons, deer, jaguars and crocodiles.

On our one-day trip to las Coloradas we drive to the village of San Felipe. From Playa del Carmen it is a 3-hour drive to get there. Arriving in the Village a local Capitan will welcome us and we start with a boat trip along virgin beaches, continuing along the Ria through the mangrove channels where we can observe various birds and we might even see crocodiles.

After a one hour boat ride we arrive to the pink lagoons. It is not possible anymore to swim inside of the pink lagoons due to hygienic reasons (the lagoons are still used for salt production), but you’ll have plenty time to enjoy them and walk along them.

The next stop is our “spa” stop. The Capitan will bring us to a place where you can pick up with your own hands the clay from the ground. The white clay contains many minerals and salts and therefore it is said that it has various benefits for the skin.

On the way back to San Felipe we make our last stop on one of the virgin beaches. There you can wash off the clay and have a swim in the crystal clear waters.