Jump into the crystal-clear waters of a Cenote

Cenotes are one of the most beautiful wonders we have in the Yucatán Peninsula. Whilst you are on holidays in Playa del Carmen, Cancun or the Riviera Maya you cannot miss the experience to swim in one.

In the Yucatán Peninsula we have thousands of cenotes, some of them are discovered and some of them are still hidden somewhere in the jungle. A cenote is a natural sink hole. Every time that it is raining the water filters through the soil and drops down into the cenotes – for this reason the water is so clear and the whole year round refreshing with a temperature of 22 – 24 degrees. The name Cenote comes from the Mayan word Dz’onot, which means cave filled with water. The cenotes were sacred places for the Mayas and they used them for different ceremonies.

There are different types of cenotes: open cenotes, semi-open or closed cenotes. In which state the cenote is, depends of its age. The open ones are the oldest ones and the closed ones the youngest.

Let us know what kind of cenote you’d like to see and we’ll find the perfect one for you!

Tours to cenotes can perfectly be combined with a visit to one of the Archeological Sites.

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