Why Learning Kitesurfing in Mexico With Jet Ski assistance Is Better

Kitesurfing is a form of kiteboarding particular to wave riding. The watersport combines a lot of action sports, including skateboarding, surfing, paragliding, and windsurfing. Essentially, kitesurfing is all about riding and gliding over the water as you hold onto a large kite powered by the wind, which you control with your hands. That means your board and the wind will do all the hard work for you and you don’t need waves to enjoy the recreational activity. 

Learning how to kitesurf with a jet ski presents many benefits. It can save you plenty of time and will make your overall experience much more enjoyable. On top of that, you will be away from the crowds, allowing you and your instructor to focus on riding and other specific skills.

With that in mind, here are some of the top reasons why it is better to learn kitesurfing with a jet ski.

Least Amount Of Distractions

It is beneficial to use a jet ski when you are learning how to ride the kitesurf board. When you’re on the part of your lessons where you combine kite skills with riding the board, you don’t want a lot of distractions around. It can be quite intimidating if there are other kitesurfers throughout your lessons, which may hinder your capability to learn the sport. 

When you use a jet ski, you’ll be able to have a safe distance from other riders, allowing you to focus solely on riding your board and be in your element. Whether you want to learn new kitesurfing tricks or new at it, you’ll enjoy your lessons more and be safer when you’re at a distance from other riders.

You’ll Be At Close Proximity With Your Instructor

The beginner’s lesson of kitesurfing usually centers on how to proficiently fly the kite. Hence, it is vital that your instructor is always by your side the entire time to provide you with essential tips. Also, he will help you enhance the necessary muscle memory needed to fly the kite skillfully and safely. 

All of this is possible when learning kitesurfing with a jet ski. Your instructor will be nearby throughout the entire process. Your instructor will ensure that you’ll be able to develop your skills quickly and you’re safe from start to end. 

Instructions While Riding

One of the most fun, engaging, and interactive ways to learn how to kitesurf is with a jet ski. The instructor will follow you in a personal jet ski, teaching you every necessary safety and skills along the way, guiding you through all of your moves. Sometimes, your instructor will use 2-way communication headsets so that you will be able to communicate with him constantly. 

Easier Board Retrieval

Normally, you will end up downwind of your board when you get separated from it. That’s because your kite offers a more substantial surface to the wind in comparison to your board. When retrieving your board, you need to avoid drifting downwind more than your board. You’ll be able to achieve this by controlling your kite using only your upper hand and ensuring that your kite is steady at a certain position. The most important factor here is transitioning from one side of the wind window to the other. Having a jet ski will allow the instructor to retrieve your board quickly if you lose it or end up down-wind without having to waste valuable time and money walking along the beach. This is the biggest differentiator for Puro Kitesurf than other schools who teach without jet ski supervision

Value For Money

Cost is probably one of the biggest obstacles for those who want to learn kitesurfing with a jet ski. However, kitesurfing lessons with a jet ski should always be on top of your priority list. The reason for that is because it is counterproductive and very risky to teach yourself how to kitesurf. Also, using a jetski to learn how to kitesurf is an excellent tool since it lets the instructor teach you how to ride quickly and effectively. Hence, taking these lessons is the first thing you want to invest in when starting your kitesurfing journey.

You will be ensuring your safety when you learn kitesurfing in México from a certified instructor along with going home certified. You will be able to ride more proficient months quicker than those who chose to learn by themselves or learn without a jetski. The methods kitesurfing instructors apply are fast and the safest way to learn the water sports activity. What’s more, all lessons normally come with every piece of equipment you need, including the jet ski. 

Come and ride with us in Playa del Carmen, Cancún, Isla Blanca, or El Cuyo and enjoy the Mexican Caribbean with Puro Kitesurf México.


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